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A New Era / A Quick Q&A

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Hello friends and welcome to my new website and blog. Here you'll find updates on my current music projects, both solo and group endeavors, as well as upcoming performance dates.

"What is 'Skade'?"

"Skade" is a single moniker stage-name that I'll be using henceforth as opposed to using "Sam Carroll" or "Sam Nolte". It is the anglicized form of the Danish word "Skaði" which is both the name of an Old Norse god and also means "to injure or cause harm" (similar to the word "scathe"). I do promise that is not the desired effect of listening to any of my music.

"What Are You Doing Now?"

I am currently working on new studio material and preparing for a new year of performances. I will be making my solo artist debut as a feature in the Sanctus concert happening the evening of January 13th, 2024 at the Brevard Renaissance Faire with three new never-before-performed songs, and I will then be performing with my group project, sämäs, at a few festivals around the country in the spring (see tour tab for details). In the studio, I have a number of things brewing and aim to post updates here in the near future. I believe if you join my mailing list, you should receive email updates when blog posts go up.

That's all I have for now--welcome to the new journey!

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Looking forward to sharing this new adventure with you!!!!


Dean Calin
Dean Calin
Nov 17, 2023

Congratulations on establishing some new directions for yourself. Break legs, friend. Love to Liam!

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